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FFWD Architettura since 1999 in Ivrea - Turin, carries out architectural and city planning services for public and private clients, both in Italy and abroad.



Contemporary Casaforte

Restoration of a medieval casaforte for summer residence. Details


Residential multy-storey building. Details

House R.

Renovation of an apartment. Details

The School in the wood

Primary school Adriano Olivetti, new X-Lam wooden building. Details

Scuola primaria

Ricostruzione di una scuola primaria in legno. Dettagli

Design Hostel

Realizzazione ex-novo di un Design Hostel in legno. Dettagli

Piazzetta pedonale

Realizzazione di una piazzetta pedonale nell'area denominata "Ca' del Trambla". Dettagli

Uffici e sala conferenze

Riqualificazione di uffici e sala conferenze in un edificio storico. Dettagli


New kindergarten. Details


Renovation and extension of a farmhouse. Details

Wooden shed

High mountain wooden shed. Details

FFWD Architettura + arch. Andrea Gillono

Confindustria Canavese

Refurbishment of the entrance, offices and conference room of the Confindustria Canavese's office building. Details

FFWD Architettura + arch. Andrea Gillono


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